ASTRA ATELIER was designed by influencer Crystal Coons, founder of Sometimes Glam. After years in the fashion industry, she was inspired to create an Atelier Collection that would allow plus size celebrities to have their "Valentino Moment." Each piece is custom made to stun on the red carpet and at press events. 

Crystal said "This collection is inspired by the places that changed me. The shores of the Caribbean, Australia and Hawaii. Waking up to the ocean every day on those trips was nothing short of healing for me and provided me with a deeper connection to the earth and with an even deeper sense of gratitude for life. The oceanic blues in the collection represent not only the water, but women - sometimes a calm blue, sometimes a deep intense blue, and sometimes - a blue that's electric with life. Sequins and crystals come into play as the sun reflects on the water and casts sparkles onto everything around it. The vivid corals are the bright flowers against a dark background - demanding your attention. We paired light layers and slits to add movement, and bodysuits are built in to some of the dresses so the wearer doesn't have to stress about undergarments. We used beautiful silks and charmeuse, chiffons and satins, and even a little leather. Everything is floaty and airy and romantic with a hint of excitement - how I believe life should be lived. I hope you love this as much as I do."

ASTRA is open to designing custom red carpet garments for celebrities/models please email us directly: Please direct all press inquiries here: