Our Philosophy

ASTRA is Latin for “to the stars”, which is the foundation upon every garment is built. ASTRA is designed and created for every woman who believes they are more. The women who get up in the morning and have the courage to pursue their dreams and face their fears head-on. The women who reach for the stars. ASTRA pieces are designed upon a foundation of necessity and style that sets the melody of the ASTRA Woman's day. 

Our Team

ASTRA was created by influencer Crystal Coons, founder of Sometimes Glam. After years in the fashion industry, she was inspired to create a line that was everything she was missing - classic with a twist, runway inspired and timeless. Inspired by ethereal beauty in nature and emerging runway trends, ASTRA collections are designed for the women who live free through fashion, music, art, and travel. ASTRA was created by plus size women for plus size women.

Our Promise

 ASTRA designs and produces short runs because we believe fashion should be as unique as you. When something sells out, it is sold out. Our promise is to create garments that inspire you. That when you rip open your bag of brand new ASTRA items, you feel capable and confident. That in this garment, you can do anything, go anywhere… even to the stars. Because WE ARE ALL STARS.